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Our work is an exploration on Modern Architecture’s current identity. Far from its original lofty visions, today Modern Architecture has evolved into a collection of banal structures that are repetitive, and in need of looking outside of themselves for meaning. We are interested in the reconstruction of Modernism. And the rediscovery of its original principles for a new ethics on humanity, society, and the dialogue of modern American life. Typical notions of harmony, traditional values of beauty, and historic paradigms need to be confronted by contradiction, change, conflict, and dynamism.
With this process we can establish works with coherence and order that are open and multilayered, that require more than a cursory examination to discern. And as we proceed with these explorations, we are constantly on guard to protect all opportunities for the unpredictable, the unknowable, and the whimsical. So the results is ultimately open-ended and reflexive rather than preconceived: Modernism laid bare and open for new judgment and enjoyment.

Sebastian Garcia

Cornell University, Ithaca NY

School of Architecture, Art and Urban Planning

Kathia L. Shieh

Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

School of Architecture and Urban Planning


Mentors & Consultants
Fernando Feliciano Andaluz, P.E.
Raymond Amaral, P.E.
Arturo C. Llavona, P.E.
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